Personal | Sioux Falls Trip

Back in April, I travelled with friends up to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to see two of my nearest and dearest tie the knot. If you’ve never been to Sioux Falls and you’re wondering if it’s as prairie-like as you image, I can assure you that it’s what you’re picturing in your head Going into this trip, I was very prepared for us to not have much to do in the days leading up to and after the wedding, but let me tell you, I underestimated sweet Sioux, and this was honestly one of the most fun trips I’ve had. We had cake for breakfast, walked along the Sioux River, stopped at a little brewery (which later become the venue for an impromptu musical performance after the rehearsal dinner). We explored the cutest kitchen store I’ve ever seen, and at some freaking amazing chicken and waffles.

Shortly before this trip I had purchased a new 35mm camera and a mix of film stocks that I wanted to test. And while I typically like to just live in the moment when traveling, I was glad I brought it along.   We spent the course of 4 days with 6-8 people whipping around in a Chrysler Pacifica Minivan which was oddly enough, one of the highlights of the whole experience.

Author: Carrie