The Buchanans | Charlottesville Family Session

I don’t really have words to describe how much I love this family. Being around them makes my heart happy, and every time I have the privilege of taking their pictures, I come away reminded of why I love doing what I do. And now, I’m sitting here trying to think of a way to describe to you how much Jared loves Jenna, and how much Jenna loves Jared, and how much they both love little Gus, but I can’t because it’s impossible to compress something so big into just a few words. These pictures below are just a small illustration of these three (soon to be four!), and the love they have for one another and hopefully, they do it justice.madison_family_photographer_0018 charlottesville_family_photographer_0019A little boy in suspenders…be still my beating heart.

charlottesville_family_photographer_0020 charlottesville_family_photographer_0021 charlottesville_family_photographer_0022 charlottesville_family_photographer_0023 charlottesville_family_photographer_0024 charlottesville_family_photographer_0025 charlottesville_family_photographer_0026 charlottesville_family_photographer_0027 charlottesville_family_photographer_0028 charlottesville_family_photographer_0029

A quick story about the pictures below – see that gorgeous fixture behind the bed? Jared and Jenna made that together for the ceremony backdrop at their wedding? How cute is that?! Also, I was being so spastic during these photos, because, I mean look at Jenna? STUNNING. I was legit sweating, and talking fast, and squealing the whole time because I was that excited about them, and Jared and Jenna didn’t judge me at all. Reason #4684 why I love those two. 
charlottesville_family_photographer_0030 charlottesville_family_photographer_0031 charlottesville_family_photographer_0032 charlottesville_family_photographer_0033 charlottesville_family_photographer_0034 charlottesville_family_photographer_0035The concept of the pictures below was all Jared’s doing. If I ever get to a place where I can hire employees, I’m forcing Jared to work with me. His attention to detail would amaze you.charlottesville_family_photographer_0037charlottesville_family_photographer_0039

I can’t wait to meet the little miss in June!


Author: Carrie