Meet Carrie.

I am a music lover and Jane Austen enthusiast with a strong affinity for snacks from Trader Joe’s. I have an uncanny love for history and the way it has shaped the modern world. I believe family, be it the family you’re born into or the people in your life you choose to call family, is so important. I went to culinary school prior to starting my business and love to cook. There’s just something about sharing homemade pasta and red wine with your favorite people.

As a photographer, I desire to produce work that is intentional and artful. I shoot parts of every wedding day on a medium format film camera. Film images have a luminous, timeless look that aligns with my aesthetic as an artist and resonates with my couples who want to have photos that will act as a visual retelling of their day. Images from life as it is now will be cherished heirlooms for years to come.

I love to document purposeful celebrations and developing strong client relationships in the process, and would love to hear your story. Learn more about the experience here.