cake pops

For my graduation partayyy, I decided I desperately wanted to try out cake pops.

I made my main man Nick do all of the dirty work (he came early so that’s what he gets : )

I used this recipe and to my pleasant surprise, they turned out quite nicely!


Bake your favorite kind of cake (I used Devil’s Food and Red Velvet…out of a box…don’t judge me…)

Allow it to bake and then cool completely. Once it’s cooled, invert it into a bowl and crumble it with your hands (Nick had to do this…suckerrrr)

Once it’s crumbled, add half of a container of frosting (again, Nick had to do this too…muhaha)

Once the mixture comes together form it into 1 inch balls and place them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

While Nick was doing that, I heated white chocolate candy melts from Michaels with a double boiler and added a spoonful of Crisco to thin it out.

We took a pack of lollipop sticks and inserted each one into the melted chocolate and then put it in the cake pop. The white chocolate acted as a glue.

After doing that in all of the pops, we chilled them for about 10 minutes, then covered them completely in white chocolate and let them set on the parchment paper.

I didn’t really have time to get artsy with mine but you could easily take the leftover chocolate and color it with gel food coloring and pipe out designs or add sprinkles!

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